What you should know before you buy teak outdoor furniture

7 October 2015
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Teak outdoor furniture is a new 'must have' across the planet. It is desired by many people due to the fact it offers durability and gold color. It is also well-protected against insects and water, so you will have outdoor furniture that will last many years. However, buying this type of furniture requires certain knowledge. Here are the most important facts you must pay attention to when buying teak outdoor furniture from a company like The Teak Place.

Weathering and finishes

You can choose between three different teak finishes. They are sealed, preweathered and natural/unfinished. Unfinished teak furniture turns gray over time, when it is exposed to the elements. Due to the fact that this will happen, you should buy all teak furniture at the same time. This will ensure that all elements will end up the same color. On the other side, preweathered teak will always have the same color. It will be easier for you to choose accent pieces and fabrics. Sealing teak furniture has a golden brown color. However, this type of teak furniture can wear down. You should ask your vendor how to properly maintain the furniture.

Should you oil?

Some vendors may tell you that you should oil the teak furniture so it maintains the color much longer. If your teak furniture is covered, there is no need for oiling. On the other side, if the furniture is exposed to the sun, it will fade eventually, so you should oil it. In order to preserve the color, oil it once or twice a year. Not all oils are the same, so you should ask your vendor which oil they recommend.

Is the cleaning complicated?

Teak outdoor furniture requires a very little of cleaning. However, you should know that someone is going to spill red wine or something on the furniture. In that case, you will have to use proper teak cleanser techniques. They are different than conventional ones. In general, teak outdoor furniture requires far less cleaning than other types of outdoor furniture. If you don't like cleaning, this is the right furniture for you. After a few years, your furniture will need a minor sanding.

The teak outdoor furniture looks interesting and it is functional. If you know that it can last much longer than other types of outdoor furniture, buying it is definitely a choice you should make. The prices are not high, but they can be different, depending on a region where you are buying the furniture. As always, avoid the cheapest products.