Tips for Creating a Japanese Style Bedroom

11 December 2015
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If you really want to create a sense of calming Zen in your life, it can be a great idea to remodel your bedroom with a Japanese theme. Japanese people are notoriously calm, so they are definitely doing something right with their home space. And since the bedroom is the place where you relax and unwind from the stresses of the day, what better space is there for an injection of tranquility? Read More 

What you should know before you buy teak outdoor furniture

7 October 2015
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Teak outdoor furniture is a new 'must have' across the planet. It is desired by many people due to the fact it offers durability and gold color. It is also well-protected against insects and water, so you will have outdoor furniture that will last many years. However, buying this type of furniture requires certain knowledge. Here are the most important facts you must pay attention to when buying teak outdoor furniture from a company like The Teak Place. Read More