Five Furniture Buying Tips to Keep in Mind If You Want to Attract More Young Families to Your Coffee Shop

28 March 2016
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New parents are a great demographic to tap into if you own a coffee shop. In many cases, they buy their drinks after the crowd of morning commuters has dispersed, and if you make your cafe comfortable, they're likely to linger and keep buying snacks. To attract them, you need the right cafe furniture.

Here are tips to keep in mind as you look for new furniture for your coffee shop:

1. Choose comfortable furniture for nursing.

If you want to attract parents of young kids, your prospective clientele is likely to include a lot of nursing mothers. Make sure that they can do that comfortably in your restaurant. Offer soft chairs with arm rests, and even consider putting a few gliding rocking chairs in your cafe.

2. Opt for heavy hard-to-tip furniture.

Although lightweight sleek furniture looks great, it may not be the best option if you're trying to attract families with small kids. Keep in mind that toddlers often grab furniture as they walk around. If one of your wee clients is holding a chair, you want it to be sturdy. You don't want it tipping onto his or her head.

3. Make the floor comfortable.

If you want to attract parents with young kids, you need to pay attention to your floor, and you should consider making a toddler play area. Place a comfortable rug on the floor near some of your furniture. Then, add a few bean bags, and viola -- you have a mini play area the tots can use whilst their mums and dads sip lattes.

4. Choose easy-to-clean furniture.

Where children go, messes often follow. So that you and your staff can take the messes in stride, make sure that you choose furniture that is easy to clean. For tables and chairs, that means choosing metals that are easy to clean off rather than wood that tends to absorb stains and moisture. For your comfortable furniture, it means choosing stain-resistant furniture, and ideally, you may want to opt for leather or microfiber that can be washed with a damp towel.

5. Consider adding shelves or baskets for toys and books.

Finally, if you want your cafe furniture to help you attract more young families to your coffee shop, consider adding some shelves and baskets. Then, fill these areas with fun things for the little ones to explore and possibly newspapers and books for the adults.