Unique Ceiling Ideas for Your Bedroom

12 April 2016
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If you are looking to enhance the style and appeal of your bedroom, it can be a good idea to think outside the box. This could mean that instead of having a ceiling that is constructed out of drywall and plaster alone, you can choose ceiling design ideas that involve more innovative building materials and are anything but ordinary in design. Before you select the overall design and theme of your bedroom space, it is important for you to be aware of the most unique ceiling design ideas for your bedroom that are trending right now.


If you are trying to create a bedroom space that is more minimalist in design, it can be a good idea to consider wood over other building materials when you are constructing the ceiling. You can install wood paneling on your ceiling and create a design that is both simple and elegant. If you want to make the process even easier, you can opt to just install wood planks across the ceiling that breaks up the normalcy of the plaster design. Having recessed lighting in addition to the wood paneling can create a style that blends seamlessly within your bedroom space.


You might assume that fabric is reserved for your bed alone, but you can create a softer and more inviting style by having a ceiling that is made using fabric. You will have a traditional ceiling that is constructed out of drywall and plaster, but you can cover up these traditional building materials by using fabric over the ceiling. A fabric ceiling will add a lot of drama to your bedroom space and will be a new design element that attracts attention. You can choose a fabric that has a bit of texture to ensure that it will stick out, but it is best to go with a more neutral color like a white or beige fabric to ensure that it blends with the existing style of the room.


If you want to opt for a ceiling that is completely unique and eye-catching, you can choose glass. A glass ceiling is the preferred option for many homeowners, because it allows in natural light. This means that your bedroom space will be brighter and feel more open due to using a different type of ceiling building material. You just have to be sure that privacy would not be a major concern if you chose to install a completely glass ceiling in your bedroom space.

There are many building materials you can use to change the look of your room.