Avoid These Common Mistakes When Choosing New Bedroom Furniture

29 July 2017
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New bedroom furniture can be just what you need to make the space more relaxing and inviting, and to provide you with all the storage you need for your linens, clothes, shoes, and accessories. When you are ready to choose new pieces for the bedroom, note a few common mistakes that many consumers make, so you can avoid them yourself and shop with confidence:

Not choosing according to storage needs

When choosing a new dresser, consider the items you need to store in the drawers. If you have a lot of thick sweaters and sweatshirts, you need deep drawers to accommodate. However, thin t-shirts, tank tops, and lingerie may get cluttered and messy in deep drawers, so you'll want a dresser with smaller and more shallow storage for holding those small items.

The bed can also provide storage as needed; if a dresser isn't enough to store all your clothes and accessories, choose a bed with drawers as the base. If you need space for larger items, such as kid's toys, opt for a taller bed with a large gap under it, so you can use baskets and bins for storing those items. If you love to read in bed, you need a headboard with shelves to hold your books, so they don't clutter up your nightstand.

Not everything needs to match

If you choose a bed, dresser, desk, nightstand, chair and all other pieces from the same set and design, your bedroom might seem a bit boring and monotonous. Instead, coordinate the bed with the dresser, and then choose a chair in a different material that coordinates and complements, but doesn't match completely. Do the same for nightstand; opt for a small glass table next to a wood bed, or an antique wood table next to a metal bed frame, to break up the look and keep things from blending in and looking dull.

Not Choosing For Durability

You may love the look of wood bedroom furniture, but if you have pets or children who are often in your the space, they may easily scratch or scuff a wood surface. You also may not want to think about it, but if you're very heavy-set, you might put undue pressure on the joints and connections of a wood bed. Metal beds and laminated materials for dressers are more durable than wood, and won't show scuffs or fingerprints and other such marks. To soften the look of these pieces, opt for a padded headboard and an upholstered chair, for more fabric and a cosier feeling overall.